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The Problem With Love is... Possessiveness

Categories: Romance
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789383952823
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It's true that love is a joy which fills your heart with wonder and excitement. But it's also true that love provokes possessiveness, anger, jealousy, fear, tensions, and makes you a little insecure. Falling in love means taking a real risk, allowing the person to affect us in a big way because love makes us feel exposed and vulnerable. Rohith and Divya meet in their 12th class tuition, and fall in love with each other. Issues start rising when he joins engineering college, and she joins degree college. He feels possessive of her when she gets close to one of her classmates, called Kalyan. The possessiveness grows, giving him sleepless nights, and finally forces Rohith to ask Divya for a break- up. After 15 days of the break- up, he gets the biggest shock of his life from her. As the days pass by, while she gets over him, he realizes that he still loves her and wants her back in his life. But, at the same time, feels confused. One side of him badly wants her back while; on the other hand, he is not sure whether he can handle those tensions and possessiveness in a relationship. No matter what he chooses between them, he knows he will suffer. He takes a strong decision, which impacts him in a big way. What would it be? What consequences would he have to face because of it? How do his best friends, Nikhil and Sandeep, influence him in taking the decision?

Rohith Chevuru currently resides in Mumbai, working in an ad agency, having an MBA degree. He loves listening to true stories from people around him, asking them in detail, if interested. Watching movies is his favourite pass time. He enjoys spending time alone on beach.