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An Umbilical Apathy

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9781640071704
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In a socio-cultural fabric of our life, it has become a fashion to talk about gender equality, women empowerment and emancipation. In reality, women are often subject to misery by the women and when the woman is none other than the mother herself, the child’s life is not only devoid of her natural rights of maternal affection but is traumatized leaving some unhealed scars in her life. An Umbilical Apathy maps the journey of a girl child in urban India and Manasi’s story is just one story within many stories. What happens to a woman who has watched her mother too obsessed for her own achievements and whose presence was mostly decorative on social parameters? Will tables turn when it is time for Manasi to take responsibility?

Meenakshi Srivastava is a post graduate in Literature in English from University of Allahabad. Her writings revolve around true stories in which human values and sensitivities are crushed for materialistic enhancement. She pens down her thoughts interwoven with stories, as well as events of real life, mainly to deal with social issues and women empowerment. She enjoys travelling to new places and interacts with people to understand the different perspectives of a social fabric.