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Be A SupermarketWala

Categories: Non-fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282216
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A step-by-step guide to your supermarket success! Did you know that a 1,000 square foot shop can double its sales if it changes from an old fashioned counter store to a self-service store? And did you know that as a self-service store you can cater to 100s of more customers each day, from your setup? So how can you succeed with your own modern supermarket? Isn’t that a huge leap to take, if you start from a traditional grocery store? Can you take the risk and make that change? Who would help you answer all the questions that are buzzing in your mind? You have a friend; now you can turn to Be a SupermarketWala, your helpful guide to everything you wanted to know about opening a supermarket, but didn’t know whom to ask! Be a SupermarketWala is a ‘ready reckoner’ that can show you the supermarket way. In easy to understand language, this book has two characters, Trolley Didi, a smart consumer who wants the best shopping experience for her money, and Kirana King, who is trying his best to please his customer and become a modern self-service store owner. Damodar Mall, an early pioneer professional in Indian retail & currently CEO of Reliance Fresh, presents this straightforward knowledge kit with all the information you need to become a SupermarketWala. Be a SupermarketWala works in real life, in the real marketplace!

Damodar Mall began his journey in modern retail two decades ago, when he moved from Hindustan Unilever to start his own supermarket, which went on to become the super-successful DMart in the hands of his then co-promoter. His learning continued under the leadership of Kishore Biyani at Big Bazaar and then at Reliance Retail, as the CEO of the supermarket business, one of the largest modern retail businesses in the country today.

Damodar has used his long experience to help both entrepreneur-retailers, several of whom he has mentored, and various retail associations and groups. Damodar is passionate about the potential of modern retail in India, and is a speaker at national and international forums.
Damodar’s first book, Supermarketwala: Secrets to Winning Consumer India, is a bestseller and used as a required reading at some management colleges. Damodar also writes a blog, ‘SupermarketWala’, for Forbes India.

When he’s not being a grocer, Damodar, an engineer from IIT, Mumbai and MBA from IIM, Bangalore, loves to play the keyboard, a passion that he acquired from his two musician sons. Damodar lives with his wife, a novelist, in Mumbai.