The Write Place

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Categories: Novel
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789352017560
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Adaptation and learning are two aspects of mankind that manifest in growth and development. In the last two decades, these processes have accelerated with the Internet and digital connectivity. Literacy is now interpreted as much more than reading and writing. This is the era of DICI (Digital Internet Connected Individuals) and in a matter of years, each and every one of us will be woven into the interlinked digital world. With this practical guide on digital marketing, both authors have given the readers the tools and techniques needed to succeed in the dynamic digital commerce world.

The book is written from the collective knowledge and experience of two learned authors. Aaryendr Rajpurohit, BFM, MBA and Shailendra Rajpurohit, B.Sc, PGDBM, MBA have a collective post-MBA experience of close to three decades. Aaryendr practices digital marketing day in and day out, and is also a coach and consultant in the field. Shailendra is an expert on marketing, particularly international marketing and has travelled across the globe for his work.