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Business As Usual

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789383952229
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How far would you go, sacrificing your love and happiness, just to honour a commitment? How far would you go, continuously punishing yourself, just to free yourself of guilt? How far would you go, living in denial, just so you can achieve dreams that aren’t even yours? With Business As Usual, Deepak Chawla brings together stories about such individuals, whose convictions are bigger than their situations. Set in the urban milieu of the modern corporate world, these stories are about people who are often at crossroads making choices between values, beliefs, obligations, and convictions. But who, like most of us, ultimately deal with life with supreme tenacity, strength and courage. Because in the end, it will be Business As Usual.

An engineer by qualification, Deepak Chawla has over 27 years of professional experience in diverse areas such as projects, operations, business development and sales & marketing. He lives in Mumbai and currently heads the HR function in one of India’s leading private sector companies.
Business As Usual is a reflection of Deepak’s tryst with the corporate world and its profound impact on relationships, aspirations and decisions in his life.
Deepak also writes Hindi poetry and has recently published a compilation of his poems,