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Coffee Days, Champagne Nights And Other Secrets

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9781640073128
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A lovely, young woman leading a shocking, dual life. A poised counsellor who has her own demons to fight. The wife, the other woman, the shared man, and their entangled lives. A physically challenged but fiery military officer. A Catholic nun torn between two truths. A doctor who would stop at nothing for the child she was desperate to have. Five middle-aged women hatching their own mischievous plan to restore their place in the sun, literally. They all have their secrets… so what is yours? Duality, hypocrisy, deception, passion, love, madness, and scandal, seasoned with a whole lot of drama and masala, Coffee Days, Champagne Nights, and Other Secrets has it all.

Kainaz Jussawala flies the high skies as an International Cabin Crew. As a journalist, she has written for Savvy, Times of India, Debonair, and Bandra Buzz. A self-confessed contradiction—she engages deeply with spirituality and also enjoys breaking rules!