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Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282322
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As time ticks by, Jaden, Arthur, Frank, Rose, Xyte and Xylo come across the Lost Information and its dark secrets. They embark upon a thrilling and heart-pounding journey, and find themselves at the crossroads of suspicion and mystery every time they start to feel at ease. New villains have risen who have the power to destroy humanity forever. With lives at stake and our heroes seconds away from watching their dear ones being murdered, harsh decisions have to be made to save the world. There is no time to stop at one place, since death looks to greet our intrepid team at every moment. The heroes increase their power to an extent never seen before, rattle their brains till they drop and fight enemies that seem to have powers equal to that of Gods and devils. Will our heroes succeed? Or will they run out of time?

An avid reader from the beginning, Vinayak Mittal was born in 2002 in Noida, India, where his father worked as an officer at Indian Oil. Vinayak started out as a chess player, teaching his brilliant brother, Aditya, how to play the great game. The games got him many laurels and proud moments, bringing him a rating, which is similar to a ranking system. After 3 years of chess, Vinayak started getting the feeling that he was more inclined to writing and literature than chess. The burning desire to write grew after reading loads of books by his favourite authors, J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan. Their works made a knot in his brain, which never loosened. Reading the Harry Potter series made him understand that novel scripting involves endless opportunities and it never gets old, both for the audience and the author. A deep spirit of inspiration was instilled in him. Striving hard to rocket up the sky in the field, he took his first step and proceeded to write his debut novel, Crossroads, at the age of 13.
Writing has taught him many things – human emotions, and how to face difficult situations without fumbling and trembling. He learned the fantasy of other and how to create a world of imagination that everyone can join in. A student at Vibgyor High School, Vinayak works hard to concentrate on his studies in the the further grades as well as pay attention this passion and future dream of his.