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Eternal Love: Book of Poems

Categories: Poetry
Book Type: hardcover
ISBN(13): 9789352017041
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Love is an eternal feeling. The feeling which stays with you even after you leave this world. It is the only part in your life which keep you going. No matter how the circumstances are, you will find a way when you know that you are loved. Love helps you to be what you are and be proud about it because others love you for who you are. This is precious. It makes you love yourself even more and be content in life. This book goes into the details of love in the form of poetry and tries to capture each moment in love, the way it is. A day without love is a day not lived.

Jaydeep Khot is a 21-year-old writer. He is an alumnus of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. He is also a Final CA student. His favourite subjects are history, economics, and psychology. Writing is his passion.