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Eternity Of Bloodshed

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789352017898
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Located south of the pacific ocean, the mystical kingdom of Maracus is about to face grave danger. The only hope for its denizens is the fallen hero, Rahul. But he is unaware of his past and unsure of his future. One thing he knows is that the road ahead is full of perils, not only for him but also for anyone close to him. Only by obtaining the three elements can he overcome the evil forces of Wazir, his arch nemesis. Rahul, along with his four friends, begins the death-defying journey to achieve eernity. Suspense and thrill ensue with every new adventure they undertake.

Jash Dharia was born on 3 November 2000 in the city of Mumbai. In fifteen years of his life, whatever he has observed, inspired his vivid imagination. His interests range from reading to music and sports, but what he enjoys the most is writing as it gives him a sense of peace. And, he enjoys imagining the unimaginable.