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Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282513
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On transcending into a virtual simulation, humanity builds the near-perfect society of Eutopia, where each individual has power worthy of the gods, yet none may trample on the rights of others. Ignoring the norm of the Coupling Season, a process which uses surveillance and algorithm to pair individuals with their perfect romantic partners, Destiny and Descartes “fall in love”. Their union is an ordinary one, with 21st century problems, in a time where every other sorrow has been eliminated. Will they remain bound to the vows made to each other in the infancy of their immortal lives? Will Destiny recognize the vision of who she is meant to be as true, when chance presents him to her? Will Descartes accept his higher purpose of serving Eutopia?

Suyash lives in Bombay. He is twenty-nine and is a self-taught novelist. These days he prefers the company of old friends who tend to be mighty raconteurs and follow his artistic bent. He travels, but without consistency, taking writing sabbaticals which often outlast their intended period. Eutopia is his first novel.