The Write Place


Categories: Novel
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9781640084292
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El - who does everything it takes to understand the path to divinity - leaves his mundane life in search of the ultimate truth. Meanwhile, a group of elite scientists have discovered how humans are being systematically dumbed down and manipulated to think only about hoarding material possessions and their desires. Unable to make it in the Kali Yuga, Lord Krishna encrypts codes so that humans can evoke one of the most ancient Gods. As their fates confluence in an explosion of epic proportions, these individuals might just be decoding pre-Vedic secrets and a Tantric text that might help evolve humanity into the next cycle of beings.

Ryan Sequeira is a metaphysicist. After mastering the ancient Yang-style Tai Chi, he has been teaching the art to younger generations. He also teaches a Tantric meditation technique that he has created, for consciousness expansion. His passion has led him to learn multiple musical instruments and he is currently working on the transformative effects of music on the mind.