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Forever Your Dad

Categories: Short stories
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789383952205
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"Forever Your Dad" is a heart rending story that spans different times and worlds. The protagonist Geeta is an independent girl who is befriended by a man, Anil, with whom she develops a bond that she can't explain - a magnetic pull that draws her deeper and deeper into the mystery that is his life. All she knows is that he has the best intentions and even better stories! She is entranced by his tales of a faraway place that she begins to feel connected to intrinsically despite never having been there. As he weaves his story, Geeta begins to reaize that he might not be a complete stranger and that their lives are entwined closer than she could have ever imagined. The short stories after the close of the novella take you on a rollicking journey with endearing characters and everything from macabre to hilarious circumstances. ""By The Swollen Stream"" is a brief look into a chilling event that will have your nerve tingling while ""Seminar Goers' Guide to Youthful Life"" infinitely compounds the yearning or non-yearning to meet a colourful character in real life who has his own special take on staying youthful! ""A Season for Love"" gently tugs at the strings of your heart with its love story that spans decades and ""Hindi Drama"" will draw a few chuckles out of even the most stolid. Mistry isn't done yet, because ""The Last Voyage of Michael Suarez"" is the best kind of love story - filled with mystery, intrigue and bittersweet sorrow that makes it hard for the story not to leave a lasting impression.

Aspi Mistry, a petroleum refinery professional, who has written a plethora of technical writing on refinery operations and fireHprotection, is presently writing mostly paranormal fiction. Mistry has been married for 56 years to his childhood sweetheart. A husband,father and grandfather, Aspi believes in strong, loving, caring ties with the family. And his novella Forever Your Dad reflects that. Aspi and his wife are avid travellers, presently

living in Mumbai.