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GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS: A Scientific Guide To Your Child's Nutrition

Categories: Novel
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282117
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Parents always want to offer the best nutrition to their child. They are always keen to know the most appropriate foods as per the child’s age. Apart from the taste of food and acceptance, nutritional significance is also important. However, doctors are busy in their clinics and can offer limited advice. It is also seen that food gets guided more by taste rather than health benefits. In all this, the end result is often wrong choice of food and incomplete nutrition. This is where Good Food For Kids: A Scientific Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition comes in. All the information given in the book was discussed meticulously, debated and conclusively penned down to pass the information to our readers.

Krisha Krishnani grew up in the capital city and completed her Bachelor’s Degree from Delhi University. She acquired a travel qualification from IATA and worked with Air India, Delhi & Carlson Wagonlit, Pune. Presently, Krisha works at her husband’s Pune based construction firm overseeing operations, accounts and general administration. She also enjoys writing in her spare time and took it up to the next level by teaming up with Dr. Umesh Vaidya.