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The advent of the GST regime in India has given rise to a number of queries, especially in the mind of the average person. GST: Concepts For The Layman intends to give an honest and simple overview of the Goods and Services Tax and its various facets. It explains how GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services, which starts with the manufacturer, right down to the consumer. Essentially, GST is a tax on value addition at each stage. The author highlights the perceptions and expectations of the nation, that GST will embody the concept of “one nation, one tax.”

Avinash Poddar is a Chartered Accountant turned Advocate. In the first eight years of his practice, he primarily worked in the areas of Direct Taxation, Auditing and Software Development and Sales, and later decided to concentrate on the field of Service Tax and Excise. He has a thirst for acquiring knowledge by way of studying new ideas and concepts. Besides being a Chartered Accountant he is a law graduate (LL.B.) and a Certified Financial Planner.