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Girls Like To Swing

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282209
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‘You’ve come a long way since pinning that drawing onto your cupboard,’ said Nakul. ‘Enjoy your view from the peak,’ smiled Deepanjali. ‘Oh, I haven’t peaked,’ replied Prithvi. ‘Not just yet.’ Girls Like to Swing is a coming-of-age novel revolving around Prithvi, a ‘rambunctious’ young woman who turns professional in the under-funded world of Indian women’s cricket. Growing up in a cricket-crazy middle-class family in 90s India, the much-loved younger daughter overcomes teenage angst, failure and loss, working hard at her books and her game to capture a dream that can only be hers. Peopled with very believable characters, this is a story of possibilities and a celebration of young India.

Sanjana has been telling stories for a long time. Like most writers, she has worked in a number of strange jobs, the strangest of which has been copywriting. And like most human beings, she spends an inordinate amount of time typing her own name into Google. (Seriously). When she isn't fiddling around with fountain pens and mechanical pencils, she can be found under blankets with volumes of Saki because she believes it looks mighty impressive. She loves tea, Bangalore and knitting (because it helps her spin a yarn).