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Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9788193429990
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I Have Much More To Say is an anthology of poems, most of which are haiku style. They show great variety, depth of meaning and element of sarcasm, irony, satire and polished black humour, all imbued with intense emotion and beauty of intelligent that is multidimensional and universal in nature. The poet claims that the colour of the blood in his veins is ‘poetry’.

Thomas George Santhinagar, a Retired Chief Engineer, worked with the Government of India and Government of Abu Dhabi for over thirty years. He has been writing stories, poems and articles in leading journals since 1970. He has won awards for his anthologies of poems, and has travelled extensively in the western countries, as well as USA and China. From English to Malayalam as well as from Malayalam to English, he has translated more than a dozen classic books of such renowned authors as Albert Camus and Joseph Roth.