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Categories: Novel
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ISBN(13): 9789387282148
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I am Ilaben Patel from Ahmedabad. All mothers dream that their sons get the best bride, have two children and live happily ever after. But my dream was shattered into pieces, because of a reason I cannot talk about in public. But it is not all over. Varun will get married. This time I will double check. Sameer told me that staying ‘Active’ on Facebook can help. The only problem is that I don’t know how to use Facebook…but how difficult can it be? I am a fast learner. I know how to operate the washing machine, the smart TV… Facebook cannot be harder, and even if it is, I will try my best, for its Varun’s future at stake - and my name in society. Now come on, buy the book! What do you expect? For me to tell you the whole story for free?

Preeti Vayada is an educator by profession, with years of teaching experience in India and Australia. Her acumen includes academic writing and teaching of management subjects. Her association with high school and university students has led to a greater understanding of the interests and issues faced by this generation, which is clearly demonstrated in her simple yet witty style of writing. She currently resides in Brisbane, Australia.