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Inside A Body

Categories: Adventure , Fiction
Book Type: hardcover
ISBN(13): 9789387282308
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The insects that live in ultra-successful actor Bibly Bob’s mansion just want a normal life. But with their population shrinking, their food supply vanishing, and their hideout teetering at the edge of being discovered, they have no choice but to venture out into the open. Three brave friends, Plutoworm the earthworm, Cattercave the caterpillar, and Mosqueeto the mosquito set out to save the insect race, but their mission goes horribly wrong as they somehow end up trapped in the depths of Bibly Bob’s body! Will they be able to brave the unknown and make it in time to save their friends and family before it’s too late? Filled with friendship, love, and sacrifice, Inside A Body narrates the story of the humble insects we see every day, but hardly notice.

Akhila is an 18-year-old student from India. She enjoys reading, writing and learning new languages. The idea to write a story revolving around insects stemmed from her fascination of these tiny creatures. First evolved in her eleven year old mind, the story was completed five years later and is now shared with the world. Feel free to reach out to her and leave your thoughts about the book!