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Isles of Mambo and other stories

Categories: Short stories
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282414
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The shuddering of the aircraft woke up Vicky Taneja. Thus starts the first story in a collection of stories. When you look down with Vicky at the city he is going to land into, and his eyes train on the blue plastic covering the roofs of slum dwellings, little are you prepared for the burst of flavours that explode in your mouth when you take a bite from the slice of the mesmerising city by the Arabian Sea. As you dive into each story, you begin to intuitively think that you know what will happen; but you won’t. Know only one thing: these stories of people like you and me; their fascinating lives are really stories full of nooks and corners and hairpin turns. Isles of Mambo is nothing that you are going to expect. As you move from the vantage view of Vicky to the collapse of Adonia, Isles of Mambo offers a twist in every tale.

Alok Karkera is a Chartered Accountant and works for an MNC. He presently lives in Gurugram, having lived in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune earlier. He is a keen student of human nature. He believes that every human interaction is moulded by a story behind it and from every human interaction springs forth a story.

What began as a hobby many years ago has now cumulated into his first work. He prefers to read science fiction and humour. He loves the works of Issac Asimov and the two unrelated Adams – Scott and Douglas. You can interact with him at @alokkarkera on Twitter.