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ISBN(13): 9788193429921
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The Ramayana has always been written, discussed, narrated, and filmed from Sri Rama’s perspective. The other side of it, Ravana’s angle is equally soothing and has abundant lessons to give, just that not many got the opportunity to explore this version. My Name Is Ravana retells episodes from the Ramayana from Jaya’s view who came onto the Earth as Ravana. He narrates his experiences on this planet during Threta Yugh and discusses the very purpose of his arrival onto this Earth.

Sri Bala Sankuratri is an extensive traveller by nature and writer by passion. His articles in various newspapers and his travel show on various domains are popular. His association with Sri Lanka, research on various local legendary memories on the island pertaining to the great book Ramayana and its acknowledgment by the respective government officials inspired the writer to re-ink the legendary history.