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Plunder Of The Commons

Categories: Non-fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282278
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Are the common property resources being taken over by big corporations to build their fortunes? Plunder Of The Commons traces the trail from land to mineral sources to 2G spectrum to airports, to unearth the stark reality of today’s world. Much of this is part of public record, but the story as it unfolds indicates how the rich are getting richer and the growth of economy is mainly helping those who are already at top. The environmental degradation of the rivers and land, and growing inequality, represent some of the consequences of this lopsided policy. Unless it is changed, it will lead to greater concentration of wealth, and a wider spread of poverty.

Yogi Aggarwal has been a journalist for several decades. He has worked with Business India, Science Today and The Sunday Observer and other publications. He also managed the Associated News Features, a syndicated news service for 15 years from 1988, and published a magazine Fulcum in the 1970s. Currently, he writes for newspapers, and lives in Bombay.