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Prescription of Life

Categories: Non-fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282162
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All of us are vulnerable to countless diseases, especially in India, where one-third of our population is forever ailing. India is known as the ‘Pharmacy of the World’, and medicines here are the least expensive, but half of us have no access to medicines. Self-diagnosis and online diagnosis is a big NO. But are we getting the right medicines through legitimate prescriptions we so blindly trust? Prescription of Life is a story of great scientists, how new medicines are invented, how inventions are based on the knowledge of old inventions, what really happens in our body when deadly diseases strike, and a lot more. It is also a story of pharmaceuticals, healthcare institutions, governments and doctors, where the line between profit making and profiteering is getting blurred.

Medha Deshmukh Bhaskaran’s passion for the Mughal Maratha history began when she started writing a historical novel. The first part of this trilogy, Frontiers of Karma – the Counterstroke, set against the backdrop of the war between Shivaji and Aurangzeb was published in August 2014. The second book in her trilogy, The Stratagem, will soon be out. A microbiologist by profession, she has worked extensively for the pharmaceutical industry in India, Europe, and the Middle East. For several years, she was also a health columnist for Khaleej Times, in Dubai. Now relocated to India, she is a full-time writer.