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ISBN(13): 9789383952809
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This book is meant for all of us who are in any way connected to business, industry, or organisations. This has relevance and meaning for entrepreneurs & employees, stalwarts & start-ups, teachers & students, across functions and levels. The message is simple and clear. Entrepreneurs and business-leaders have choices and alternatives. A decision to make – for their business to be an enterprise or become an Organisation. What is the significance? Ravi plays with pictures and illustrations to render a feisty, colourful narrative that pulls us to find out what is next. And then the voices emerge, a people viewpoint in the context of our own emerging future. This is more than a book… we need to explore, make new beginnings and act to design the future. We can Re-Enterprise.

Former MD and Global Business Leader of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), G. Ravindran is now Chair Professor, Leadership Development at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). In Re-Enterprise, he distils decades of rich, varied experiences with global and Indian companies like Covansys, Pepsi, Blue-Dart, Grindlays and ICI. And then moves everything into the future. His other path-breaking works include ‘Industrialize Agriculture’, ‘Export Labour’, ‘Catch the ‘I’ of Innovation’, and ‘Golf & I’… all of which offer rare insights from a maverick non-conformist who remains positive and developmental. The never-say-die push for newness reflects a conviction that the future will be very different, and leadership is all about this ‘next’, and what else is there…