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Categories: Novel
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9788193392454
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Very often, the most interesting stories are those that are not told. They need to be felt, heard with the heart and mind, deciphered from between the lines. Saudade, in essence, is a collection of nine short stories centred around the lives of people from different walks of life, shaped by circumstance and traditional conformance. These tales are subtle, but can change the way the story ends.

Husna Mohammad is a writer, poet and freelance content strategist. She is a dentist by profession, with a journalism degree. She abandoned a lucrative career to follow her dream of being a full-time writer. Her first book, My Lyrical Symphony, an anthology of eclectic poems, was published in 2008. Husna currently resides in the picturesque coastal town of Cochin, Kerala.