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Spice Trail

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Book Type: hardcover
ISBN(13): 9789387280069
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Hari Nayak, New York based chef, is inspired by what is available locally, be it on his home turf or wherever he is at any given time during his travels. And once he is in his own kitchen, he plays with the ingredients and creates new flavour combinations that can surprise and delight the senses. “I cook the way I eat,” says Chef Hari, with “bold flavours and healthy dashes of unexpected spice blends.” As an Indian, he is familiar with the warm and exotic tastes of his homeland and uses these as inspiration for novel culinary creations that blend exotic spices with western staples, thus giving a whole new direction to the concept of global food. And he presents them here, in a brand new cookbook!

Hari Nayak is more than a chef, today he is a restaurateur, author as well as a culinary consultant in North America. He started his epicurean journey from the Culinary Institute of America and today, he is one of the most sought after chefs for his unique style. When it comes to Indian food, the common misconception is that the preparation style must be complex. After working in India then traveling to the culinary institute, he went on to work in restaurants in New York, London & Paris.