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Stuck In Love

Categories: Romance
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282315
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What do you do when love is thrust on to you? And, what do you do if you meet the man you know is your soulmate—even if this soulmate comes with a stormy past? Stuck in Love is Meera’s journey as a young adult when friendship came at a cost—and that cost was love—to her passage as an adult; a working adult where she meets the man of her dreams, only to find that being his partner also had its price. When everything is resolved and vows are exchanged, is it really possible to walk into the sunset always holding hands? This is a story of finding love, growing roots and exploring who you really are.

Being born into a simple, middle-class Indian family, Jaya Obhan graduated in French Literature from Mumbai University. Literature, books and a good read always attracted her. But, in spite of that, she got an opportunity to explore an extensive range of career options. She started her career with Tata Teleservices as a Customer Care Executive and after spending a few years there, she got promoted to the management level. After that she joined Reliance Infocomm and worked as a Relationship Manager for a year. She chose to quit the job as she was looking forward to enjoying motherhood. After a five-year break, she joined the Indian Language School, Nigeria, as an English teacher. This was the most elevating experience of her life, post which she became a trainer, counsellor and now an author.