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T21 In Downs Lane

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282353
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Aashima, a young journalist, befriends Jay, a ‘differently different’ son of Ayesha and Siddhartha, who has Down Syndrome. Sid’s diary, which unfolds a completely different world, pulls her deeper into Jay’s emotional turmoil. T21 in Downs Lane is an intensive narrative about the parents' struggle to give birth and raise a child with Trisomy 21. A heart rendering account, it is also a revelation of peoples' perception about Downs Syndrome. Whether it is their disdain, sympathy or curiosity, the author has captured these emotions in a realistic semblance. The insightful and factual information on Down Syndrome adds value to the read. T21 in Downs Lane is also a story of Aashima’s endeavour to seek unconditional psychological acceptance from the 'typicals'. What will she do to bring the story to a logical end?