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Table No 10

Categories: Short stories
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789352017027
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Peculiar is not familiar yet created out of familiar situations, environments, and people... Table No. 10 is a collection os many such peculiar situations faced by simple people due to their own perceptions and prejudices. More often than not we thik we are in control, but there is an invisible force in the form of destiny, and at times a paranormal force that controls our lives. From the crowded lanes of Manhattan where a mute girl named Lakshmi finds her voice, to a crowded yet haunted Iranian cade where three errant souls, Swamu, Jaroo and Tony, are looking for liberation, to a harmless children's gang fight in Afghanistan that turns bloody, Table No. 10 is a collection of 18 such peculiar situations in the lives of 18 simple persons across the universe.

S.P. Mukherjee (Smita P. Mukherjee) started her career as an executive at Reader’s Digest, India, which propelled her into the advertising world. Setting aside her post-graduate degree in Chemistry, her career has traversed blue chip ad agencies such as Ogilvy to Grey Worldwide to working with Bollywood filmmakers for whom she green-lit films to add to the world of meaningful cinema. The constant urge to reach out to people with her story-telling abilities propelled her to quit the corporate life in 2012 and pursue writing as a full-time career. Armed with a diploma in writing from one of the premium institutes in New York City, Smita has written for television and has worked with noted Bollywood filmmakers on scripts.Table No. 10 reflects her myriad experiences with people, which she fictionalized to present in an interesting and powerful read. Her inclination to short stories stems from the brilliant classics by Leo Tolstoy and O Henry.