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The 7 Magic Vows – Panjabi Wedding

Categories: Non-fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789352017058
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How do you find your perfect soulmate? Are you getting married? Is there a wedding in your family? What should you wear for your mehndi, sangeet, shaadi? What should you buy from a wedding store for your shaadi? Do you know all your wedding rituals, their rituals, their sequence and significance? Everybody dreams of a perfect wedding! The best way to help you plan the perfect wedding is this book, a well-researched, well-documented, and a detailed guide, explaining the sequence and significance of all pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding Panjabi rituals. Rehnu’s book, The 7 Magic Vows highlights the beautiful journey of a bride, groom, and their respective families are about to go on, keeping alive the traditions, culture, and celebration of a truly great, grand Panjabi wedding. This book is the ultimate guide to all your wedding planning!

Rehnu Sethi is a qualified wedding planner, a wedding consultant, a Panjabi wedding ritual expert and conducts wedding grooming and marriage preparation courses, for to-be brides and grooms, in Mumbai. She is a modern woman who nurtures valuable and age-old Indian traditions and customs. She felt a strong urge to share her love, her insights, and valuable experience in and around Indian weddings. Her experience from having attended numerous weddings, is that, today’s generation has inadequate knowledge of the sequence and significance of various ceremonies, which results in losing out from the benefits of the wedding rituals and ceremonies. With the desire, to bring back these treasures, Rehnu assumed the challenging task of studying the various parts of the rituals and ceremonies, their relevance and purpose, and the recommended methods of conducting them, in order to make ones most sacred moments in life, highly meaningful, and worthy of being cherished for life. With material sourced from family elders, pundits, internet, books, Rehnu’s book The 7 Magic Vows – Panjabi Wedding, promises to become a comprehensive guide and a handbook for the planning of the Panjabi wedding, for today’s and future generations.