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The Eighth Daughter

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282445
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Rani, the child bride of the zamindar’s son comes to Ghadiya, much loved and in love. The only expectation of the family is that of an heir to take over the farms and carry forward the prestigious family name. The story weaves through Rani’s dreams, stresses and loss of status as she produces daughter after daughter, despite predictions to the contrary. The daughter’s lives too are affected by family dynamics, as each of them finds a foothold in the new equations of society. By the time a son is born, Rani is exhausted and the family fortunes are sadly depleted. What role will the male heir play in this vast family of girls? Will he restore the fortunes of the erstwhile zamindar's estate? Will he bring back the glory of Raiji, his grandfather and the patron zamindar? But he really the heir to the title, the true son of Rani and her husband? Or someone else's child?

Born in 1955, Deepali Kale did her schooling in Mumbai and her graduation from The Elphinstone College. She has done her post-graduation from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, where her specialization was in Family and Child Welfare. Post marriage, she moved to Nagpur, where she was a guest lecturer in two colleges, teaching post-graduate students. She is currently the Chairperson of the Scrutiny Committee or Child Adoption in Vidarbha. Deepali also is the Managing Director of an Insurance Brokerage firm since 2004. This is her second short story publication, the first one being Innocence to Irony.