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The Indian Garden

Categories: Colouring book
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9788178695419
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The Indian Garden is a collection of flowers, leaves, vines, creepers, herbs, spices and roots indigenous to Indian soil. Each plant has a distinctive structure that creates patterns within itself creating a sense of beautiful repetition intrinsic to Indian sensibilities. You may find these plants in your garden, on walls, alongside roads or in your own kitchen. Delve into nature by coloring your heart out!

Rathi Varma is a designer, dancer and foodie by heart. Having graduated in Visual Communication from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technilogy and a Diploma in Fine Arts from Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Arts and Craft, her work ranges from branding to publications apart from day-to-day sketching. She plans to find a niche using digital and mixed media to create socially relevant art based on everyday life. Discover more of her work on Instagram @rathivarma.