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The Karwar Palate

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Book Type: hardcover
ISBN(13): 9789387280144
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Along a flavour trail... The thought that I should record these recipes was first suggested by my children, Anil and Radhika, way back in 2006. Both are big time foodies. They can smell a failed dish from a mile away, particularly when it is Karwari cuisine. That’s because they take after the typically Karwari Saraswat side of the family, every member of which is a staunch follower of the philosophy ‘Live to Eat’. So I began writing down recipes in 2006, but the effort never really took off until after Radhika’s marriage in 2015. She flew to San Francisco to join her husband Vineet, also a foodie. Answering her questions over the phone and on FaceTime, I realised that it did make sense to write down whatever I had mastered over decades. I finally decided that it was not such a bad idea after all to dig out my old recipe notes and make a compilation. Some traditional Karwari foods and a few other styles that I have perfected over the years have helped me pass off as a good cook with my family and friends. To introduce as much precision as possible, I cooked each dish again and again, recording each step methodically. I realised how in mundane matters - such as everyday cooking - there is a wealth of detail, seemingly obvious and simple, but in fact so elusive and complex. Small things make all the difference! I hope I have captured some of these nuances for all of you who yearn to become good hosts and homemakers. - Sudha Kamat