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The Millenium City Hermit

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789383952908
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A chance discovery of an old scroll, written in a script his family had lost touch with a generation ago, changes Anuj's worldview and pushes him into an exciting quest. His perfectly normal life at home and work start to look different as he begins using his newly acquired lens - Trigunas, The Ayurveda for mind - a concept that is at once enduring and compelling. In this amazingly relatable book, Anuj takes you along in his journey. As you walk along, you will find yourselves in familiar situations and soon your lens will begin to change. He researches phases in life of Amitabh Bachchan, Mother Teresa and others. Your vision will turn clearer and perspective more nuanced. In an easy to read, unpretentious manner, Anuj invites you to assimilate this profound Asian concept. It has the power to leave you altered as it did many intellectuals, royals and explorers for centuries. You will wonder why you took so long. "I read Millennium City Hermit as a story and ended up with an actionable understanding of the concept of Trigunas."- Ranjan Malik, Innovation Specialist.

Anuj started his career within an automobile MNC and moved on to become a content writer for the Times of India group. His articles have been published in Economic Times and Delhi Times among other publications. He moved on to become an entrepreneur and now heads a successful organization. His research of various scriptures originating across geographies rekindled his interest in writing, which he had left decades ago. He has travelled across India on his motorbike, including the Tibet border in the north as well as the southern states of Karnataka and Kerala. His reading and travel seem to have given him vast experiences, which are evident in his first book – The Millennium City Hermit.