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The Stormbringer

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789383952915
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"Accidents happen. It was an accident that changed thirteen-year old Elijah from an ordinary farmer's boy into an Invisitus, a supreme warrior with unparalleled powers. Or do they? Elijah soon learns that the 'accident' was but the product of a century-old prophecy which predicted that the boy with the blue light, he, would have the fate of his entire race resting in his hands. With the help of the brotherhood, Elijah must learn to harness his powers and grow into his role as the Stormbringer, before the evil Occidierum succeed in destroying him and all the other Invisitae. Join Elijah as he navigates a world brimming with magic, prophecies, deceit and unlikely friendships. After all, the paths of an Invisitus are infinite.

From the moment she could read, sixteen-year-old Archita Mishra has spent most of her life with her nose buried in a book, and only resurfaces when she is in need of another one. With such an insatiable appetite for knowledge, it is no surprise that she spends most of her waking time creating worlds, painting and weaving stories. She could spin tales out of nothing and her audience (primarily her mother and unassuming older sister) was often left questioning the reality of her stories. Her fables were so well crafted and believable that as a toddler, she managed to convince a friend that she owned a massive dog, despite having the friend visit and find none. At the age of four, Archita penned (read: scratched) and illustrated (read: scribbled) her first novel The Adventures of Animal X and from that day forward, she had found her calling. Archita honed her writing skills throughout her years in the J.B. Petit High School for Girls, and although her artistic skills remained frozen in time, her writing flourished. A series of short stories, a few abandoned (read: dormant) ideas and a handful of poems later, Archita began conceptualising and writing her first official novel, The Stormbringer.