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Updated Comprehensive Step by Step Guide To US Undergraduate Admission

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Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282520
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Getting admission to a US college post high school requires systematic groundwork. Planning for the admission begins right at the start of the high school, four years before the wards actually land on foreign shores; often a crucial decision, involving separation, distance and finances which entwines the whole family. While information is easy to come by at the click of a mouse, the sheer abundance of suggestions, the new terminology and processes can become overwhelming for parents entering the zone. The authors, Shalu Gupta and Sonali Mohan, friends who supported their children during their preparations towards their applications and admission in the US, bring to you this essential guide. What started as a journey based on their experiences, the insights that came by way of advising friends and the feedback and inputs received from the network of students and parents who they assisted evolved into a career as admission consultants. Their experience has been supplemented by professional training under the aegis of College Board and the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. In the 2nd edition of the book now titled The Updated Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to US Undergraduate Admissions, Gupta and Mohan, unravel the ‘madness and confusion’ of the admission process with detailed procedures and crucial tips, literally from the ‘horse’s mouth’. The book is a 'tool-kit'—a good starting point to navigate the seemingly circuitous and unfamiliar process which will amply support your admission goals.

Sonali Mohan has worn multiple hats in different fields—she initiated her career in the retail industry, but subsequently shifted gears and moved into academia. She was a professor of communication studies; dabbled in ‘slice of life’ writing and developed content for a distance education undergraduate degree programme in journalism. The authors can be contacted at