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Vedic Mathematics

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Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282223
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“If you learn the concepts, you can develop your own methods…” Ninth grade Math teacher Viren Mehta’s words inspired Chandrahas Halai, who had used them as his guiding principle to all that he does, including the writing of this book on Vedic Mathematics for beginners. With a strong foundation of those concepts that he learned, Halai has shown in clear and simple steps that Vedic Math is not rocket science; in fact, it can be great fun! Using (simple) algebraic proofs, the author has explained the (Vedic Mathematics methods for) multiplication, division, squaring and cubing. The book has been divided into three sections and Halai suggests going through each one carefully, not skipping any of the steps detailed. Aimed at students of grade 8 and above, and a good resource for teachers and parents too, as well as those training to take competitive exams, this volume is a novel way to discover that maths in general and algebra in particular can be great fun!

Chandrahas Halai is a mathematics enthusiast from India, the land of the Shulba sutras, the Bakhshali manuscript and mathematicians like Aryabhatt, Brahmagupta, Bhaskaracharya, Ramanujan and many more. He is a consultant in the field of computer aided engineering, engineering optimisation, computer science and operations research. He writes research papers, and articles and books on mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science and operations research. In his spare time he likes enjoys nature photography and painting. He stays in Mumbai, the city where he was born and grew up.